Known for being a smart, healthy organization, SFE focuses on results through high performance, and on the people that allow them to be so successful. SFE is founded on the principle of bringing fun and excitement into and changing people’s lives by selling, servicing, renting and riding Harley-Davidson® motorcycles while sharing our passion about the riding lifestyle.

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SFE-US TeamWork Hard. Ride Hard.
Our motto says it all. Scott Fischer Enterprises (SFE) is dedicated to finding the most talented people in the country, giving them the best tools possible to be successful and creating a work experience that is second to none. When we work, we work hard and when we celebrate, we really celebrate. Take the first step in being selected to work with the award winning staff of Scott Fischer Enterprises and our Harley-Davidson® stores by filling out our online application.

Best Job Ever

Our company is spread across the United States with our main headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida. Since 1988 we’ve worked hard to acknowledge the importance of the skill and effort of our employees in making this company what it is today. Our future growth depends upon the mutual cooperation of each of us. We intend to provide the best opportunities and incentives that we can in return for helping us grow and prosper as individuals and as a Company. When you join SFE you, and your role in the company, are very important to us. We truly appreciate the contribution that each employee makes to our continued growth and success.

We strongly believe that what sets one company apart from the others is its’ employees. If you are selected to work with us it will be because of your unique skills and abilities.

We share similar beliefs and have similar values. We call it Organizational Health. We want you to know that reliability, commitment and positive attitudes are critical to our organization. We are employee-focused, believe in providing an exceptional customer experience and want to continue growing our business.

Scott Fischer Enterprises’ employees are highly regarded by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and the industry. They have won numerous awards both in and outside of the motorsports industry.

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